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Friday, February 24, 2006

Email with Dan the Webguy from Boulder Beer


My name's Ian, and I'm the co-founder of the site www.2beerguys.com. I'm a former Boulder resident, and now a Massachusetts resident. I was very happy to find Boulder Beer available in a store out here, not only the Mojo and Hazed & Infused, but the variety 12 pack. Two questions for you. Do you have a monthly newsletter I can sign up for? I didn't find anything on your site other than the ones you post. Secondly, what is the distribution for the Killer Penguin? I've only found the aforementioned offerings around here, and I'm looking forward to trying the rest. Eventually, we'll be making a trip out to Colorado to hit the brewpub, but anything you can do in the meantime to help me out would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and regards,


And here is Dan's response:

Hi, Ian,

Thanks for the interest in Boulder Beer. I’ll forward this to our man Marvin, in Boston, and he’ll contact you as to whether there’s any Killer Penguin left out that way. We’ve already got more in the fermenters for next year’s release in November.

If you go to our site www.boulderbeer.com, and on the homepage drag your mouse over the satellite dish after you hit “contact us” like you did to write this email, there’s a newsletter signup form.


Dan the webguy


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