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Monday, December 18, 2006

Sixth Root Show at Barley Pub

On Saturday night, Amber, Ian, Kristin, and I ventured to the Barley Pub in Dover, NH. Paul, the lead singer of Sixth Root, rocked out the evening. To all 6th root fans, this was their last show until Sept 2007. They have plans to go into hiding and create a new CD. After the birth of their new cd, they will start touring again.


The barley pub is a mecca for craft beer enthuastics. Here is the current listing of beers on tap:

Moat Octoberfest
Leinenkugel Sunshine Wheat
Portsmouth Lager
Rogue Imperial Pilsner
Old Crusty Barley Wine
Sierra Big Foot Barleywine
Smuttynose 2004 Barleywine
Smuttynose 2004 Double Bock Smuttynose Robust Porter
Smutty IPA
Sierra Celebration Ale
Farnum Hill Cider
Tucherman Alt

This is such an amazing list of beers. During the evening, they tapped a new keg that they had in their beer vault (note: this beer vault consists of 40+ kegs waiting to be enjoyed). This key just happened to be a dogfish head 60 minute IPA. Oh, I wish I had a vault of this sorts.

If you are in the neighborhood, you definitely should check out the Barley Pub.


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