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Monday, September 10, 2007

Homebrew Competition - Topsfield fair

On Saturday, after band practice and before the Ribs and Brew festival, I ventured over to the Topsfield fair to watch/participate in the home brew competition. I hoped to check it out and learn how it works.

Getting there was kinda like a comedy of events.

I ventured into the parking lot and drove pass the 30+ school buses in the parking lot. I didn't see anyone at the clubhouse.. so I asked someone in the area where it was. He pointed to an area that I could only get to from driving on RT 97 (because of a locked fence). I thanked him and ventured on.

When locating this adjacent lot, I was shocked to see the number of cars and tents setup. I thought... wow.. this is cool. I didn't know people came to watch and brought their dogs. Anyways.. I walked closer and realized that it was a dog show/competition. Pretty cool, but no beer.

When I was going to 97, I noticed another parking lot with many cars. Ian mentioned that it was outside or something, so I ventured to that lot. Upon arrival, I learned that it was an outdoor mountain bike competition (obstacle course for a younger crowd). Anyways, still no beer.

So I traveled back a bit and saw that the front gate was opened. I drove right in and FOUND DA BEER. It was break time and everyone was eating lunch. When it got started, I walked around and checked out what everyone was reviewing/writing. I asked one table if they minded if I read over their shoulders and was invited to join in with the judging. WOW..

I sat down with Dan (Brewer from Mercury) and Paul. We were in responsible of reviewing the Miscellaneous/other category. So, off to Honey beers and other Smoked beers. Four honey beers and 5 smoke/other beers later, we narrowed down the selection to the top 3 overall. It was fun. Very similar review style that Ian and I use, but more related to the specific style vs. overall yumminess.

If anyone is interested in becoming a judge, let me know. I am thinking about going for the certification.

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