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Monday, January 28, 2008

Bucket List

With the new Warner Brother release -- Bucket List -- starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, my imagination started wandering in many directions. Does everyone have a bucket list? We must, right? Once I started thinking about it, I guess we all do. It's easier to think that you will be able to reach all of your goals, but if you never write them down into a list, you might never accomplish them. So I am starting my Bucket List, and hopefully I will accomplish all of them.

What's in YOUR Beer bucket list?

Here's a quick glimpse of mine:

* Oktoberfest: Ummmm a 16 day beer festival in Germany. Let's get sour on some Krauts! Need to say anything else?

* Attend/Participate in the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) - Denver, Colorado. The GABF also hosts one of the world’s largest and most prestigious tasting competitions. Over 100 professional beer judges from the United States and abroad evaluated over 2,800 beers entered by more than 470 domestic breweries. Gold, silver and bronze medals in 75 beer-style categories were awarded.

The GABF’s popular food & beer pairing seminars featuring an A-list of America’s brewers joined local and national celebrity chefs for demonstrations on how to cook with beer and pair different styles of beer with various dishes.

* Dogfish Head 360-degree Experience! A beer lovers package that includes two nights accommodations for two in the Brewmaster's Suite at The Inn at Canal Square in the heart of Historic Lewes, A guided tour for two of the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Dogfish Head soap, shampoo and accessories and an assortment of cold beer in the fridge and more. Click Here

* Travel to breweries in the outerbanks of the United States visiting Kona Brewering Company [Hawaii] and Alaska Brewing Company.

* Explore the 7 Trappist Breweries in Belgium (and Netherlands).

In case you were asking why doesn't this list contain a tasty refreshment in Dublin, .... well that one is already crossed off. The Guinness Factory is a fun place to visit. I recommend adding this to your list. In addition, maybe the Stone Brewing Company, the Sunset Tap and Grille, or a local Belgian Bar (in Belgium).

This list will change many times, but that's ok. Start a list of your own. Once you do, please share it with us :)


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