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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wagons.... North

This past weekend, Amber and I traveled north to her home town on Saturday. We decided to stop along the way to quench our thirst. Boy are we thirsty. We exited in Freeport and headed straight towards Gritty McDuff's. Amber enjoyed a Black Fly Stout (cask conditioned) and I enjoyed a Best Bitter (also cask conditioned).


Our weekend adventure doesn't stop there.

Around lunch time on Monday, were in Bangor. You can't visit Bangor without stopping into Sea Dog Brewery. For the longest time, I thought that Sea Dog was in Portland. I don't know why I thought that (well, I do. There is a minor league baseball team named "The Portland Sea Dogs"). Anyway, for those who don't know, The Blueberry Wheat (aka BluePaw) is one of my favorite beers. It reminds me of blueberry cake with powdered sugar on it. Oh yummy. I followed that selection with the Cask Conditioned Winter ale. It was very tasty. Amber really enjoyed her Riverdriver Hazelnut porter.

We learned an interesting fact. Sea Dog doesn't brew any of their beer anymore. Their beer is actually brewed in Portland (who would have guessed), by Shipyard.


On the way home, we decided to search out Shipyard. Amber directed me to the "area" that it was supposed to be in. Well, it's on "Newbury" street. We were on Newbury street. A one way street and it only lasted two blocks. If we drove any further, we would have driven into a building. We were lost.

Eventually, we asked for directions and learned that there was another section of Newbury Street and they don't connect. Nice.

After we located Shipyard, we quickly noticed that it was closed. Ohh. Just closed 5 mins before we got there. It's only a brewery and a store. No brewpub. What a shame.

Our luck was already down, but not out. While we were getting lost, we drove past the Portland Gritty McDuff's and Sebago Brewing Company.

We decided to stop into Sebago Brewing company for a snack and palliate quencher.
Amber enjoyed an app along with the Lake Trout Stout. I tried the "Brewers Choice". I am not sure the name of it, but it was very smoky and hoppy. It was ok, but I wouldn't order it again.


I hope that you enjoyed hearing about our adventure.



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