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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Interesting mix of 2007 Stats

Happy belated New Year to all of our friends and fellow beer lovers. Ian and I expect 2008 to be a great year for us. We currently have plans to host a Belgian Beer Education night (on January 24th) and we are setting our schedules for the upcoming year.

2007 was kind to us. We accomplished our goal of creating a quality website with solid beer data. With the flurry of blogs, we have learned more about the beer industry. [we hope that you have enjoyed them -yeah... the ones that you have read] We have reached over 8000 website hits, reviewed microbrews from over 101 different breweries, and we are amazingly close to reaching out 500th beer review mark. It's been a fun time and we are glad to have experienced it with many of you who are reading this now.

For the Belgian Beer tasting, there will be a separate blog with all of the details. It will cost around $25 and a bunch of different Belgian Beers will be had. If you are interested in attending [there is a limit of ~21 participants], please send us an email.

We are also thinking about the 500th beer review. We have been holding on to a mother load of Barley Wines and hope to have a blind style tasting. Our official 2 year anniversary occurs at the End of January and we hope to have the tasting around that time. If you are interested in participating, again - please send us an email or drop a comment on the feedback form.

Good Morning, Good Evening, and Good Night.


Drink Craft Beer, You've Earned It.

p.s. I have collected some beer statistics from 2007 and posted them below.

Interesting mix of 2007 Stats

• 1.4 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product comes from beer making.
• Southern folks prefer a smoother, lighter beer that's slightly sweeter, while West Coast residents like their beer with more of a hop flavor.
• You can get a smoother, less-bitter-tasting beer if you add your hops near the end of the brewing process.

The nation's 1,390 beer makers, big and small, produce more than 210 million barrels amounting to $94 billion in annual sales. A look at the industry:
- Regional craft breweries: 48
- Microbreweries: 375
- Brewpubs: 967
Total craft breweries: 1,390
- Large breweries: 20
- Regional breweries: 25
- Other non-craft breweries: 7
Total U.S. breweries: 1,442

• Southeast: Up 33.9 percent
• Northeast: Up 18.9 percent
• Plains: Up 16.3 percent
• West: Up 8.1 percent
*Annual growth from July 2006 to July 2007

• 1 barrel = 31 U.S. gallons
• 2 half-barrel kegs = 13.78 cases (of 24, 12-ounce bottles)
• 50 barrels = 1 batch or 500 to 600 cases of beer


  • At Saturday, February 2, 2008 at 8:13:00 PM EST, Blogger 2 Beer Guys-Sean said…

    With the superbowl tomorrow, here is some additional information that I stumbled upon:

    New York- with a population of more than 19 million people, there are 29 breweries and 44 brewpubs in New York.

    Random sample of breweries: "Ithaca, Southern Tier, Ommegang, Blue Point, Captain Lawrence, South Hampton. We have a lot of great breweries."

    New England comparison is much closer a combined population of more than 14 million people in the six states; and 59 breweries and 91 brewpubs in the region.

    Random sample of breweries: "We certainly have one of the granddaddies of the craft brewing movement in Sam Adams. There's Smuttynose in New Hampshire, Harpoon, the Portsmouth Brewing Company, and the Alchemist and American Flatbread in Vermont."


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