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Friday, February 24, 2006

Email with Chris from Left Hand Brewing

Good evening!

My name is Ian, and I'm co-founder of www.2beerguys.com. We are aiming to provide independent, subjective reviews of craft and regional brewery offerings, and we are big fans of the Sawtooth Ale. Unfortunately, I've had a hard time locating more of your offerings around here, as we're in the Boston area. I have two questions for you. How much of a presence do you have on the east coast with distributors? Secondly, how would we go about getting added as a favorite link on your site? Thus far, we've only reviewed the Sawtooth, and I just picked up some Warrior IPA in the 22oz bottle to taste. I'd love to advocate for your brewery, as I can tell you that you're not very well known around here, as I had no idea who you were until we began our site. Please let me know what you can do!



And Chris' response:


Thanks for the email, and thanks for thinking of us! We're happy to have you on board in the industry, so welcome!

To answer your questions:

* We are being distributed by Craft Brewers Guild out of Danvers,
* They are just starting to roll us back out into the market (had
a different distributor that stopped selling our beer early in 2005).
* Right now Sawtooth is available in a growing # of accounts - to
name a few:
* Austin Liquors
* Bacon's Wine & Spirits
* Colonial Spirits
* Huntington
* Kappy's (Springfield)
* Main Street Package
* Town & Country Liquors
* Craft is also distributing Black Jack Porter, Milk Stout, JuJu
Ginger Ale, Haystack Wheat and three seasonals (Warrior IPA, Goosinator Doppelbock and Chainsaw Ale - Double Sawtooth) into Massachusetts as well.
* In terms of other East Coast distributors, we are currently sold
in VA, NC, TN, GA, FL and the greater Birmingham, AL area.
* In regards to our website, we are in the process of updating our
site - which should be new and live in 45-60 days. Unfortunately, the links section is going away to make room for a 'Beer Finder'.

Thanks for the help! We do have a brewery broker that helps in the state, so if you would like to reach out to him, let me know.


Chris Lennert
Director of Sales & Marketing


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