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Saturday, June 24, 2006

EVENT- Guinness Legacy


Guinness Legacy Event

When: Monday 06/12/2006
Where: Kitty Osheas Irish Pub
Beverly, Massachusetts

Ian and I attended the Guinness Legacy event and had a pretty good time. It was more enjoyable than the first event that we attended in Boston. We are happy to report that better appetizers were provided and the beer was very tasty.

It was a hard place to view a presentation, but we managed to have a fun time while enjoying the traditional Irish pub.

At the event, we were tucked into the corner and happened to sit next to two lawyers (Ken and Carl). It was rather interesting. Ken was complaining that he didn't have his free beer yet, when was the food coming out and why we had to listen to some guy speak. GOSH!!! it was for free beer. Free GOOD beer. Carl explained that he was free to leave when ever he wanted and that he would drink his share.

It was hilarious. It was like watching Ian and I have a discussion. For those who haven't been there, I have no problems drinking Ian's beer.


For those who are curious, they provided a good sample of Guinness, Smithwicks, and Harp.

Visit Carl at www.attorneygoodman.com


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