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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Definitely more of a trick than a treat

Just in time for Halloween? I think not. Last night I tried Hobgoblin Dark English Ale. I was looking for a treat in a new beer I'd not ever heard of, let alone tried, and since it's the Halloween season, Hobgoblin seemed more than appropriate.
Pouring from the pint sized can, it's a lovely dark copper color. All dispensed in the glass, however, it's kind of a boring coffee color, no carbonation, no head, no lacing. Didn't make for a lovely presentation at all. The aroma was just as dull as it was barely existant. Maybe a smidge of malt could be detected if you really tried hard enough. And the taste? Not surpising it was mostly tasteless. There was a slight hit of bitter upon the tip of my tounge, but once that dissipated, there was nothing. Not much flavor, no carbonation, no after taste, nothing left on my palate. It just simply vanished as if it was never there.
Perhaps a more appropriate name for this beer would be Poltergeist. You know it's there as you have the evidence of a can in your hand....but all traces of the beer itself disappear in to thin air......


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