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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fit with Beer?

Although I have yet to do it, it appears, according to Michael Bane, triathlete and editor of Zymurgy Magazine, that you can stay fit and drink beer at the same time. Brilliant! He wrote this article back in 1999, but I'm certain that times haven't changed that much to make this an impossible reality.

"...I used to hate the stuff, but then I fell into triathlons. In Florida, where I began racing, all the races seem to be sponsored by beer companies. And triathletes don't have all that traditional "hale and hearty" baggage that seems to go with bicycle racing and running. Combine that with the heat, and you get a beer truck about five steps from the finish line at each race. Heck, at some of 'em, you could cross the finish line and collapse from heat prostration under a beer tap, which someone would obligingly turn on..."

The full article can be read here


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