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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A visit with an old friend

Tonight, I spent some time catching up with an old friend. His name is Mojo IPA, and he is from Boulder, Colorado.

When I opened the door for him, a rush of citrusy hops came my way, reminding me of why we became such good friends in the first place. As I welcomed him into my glass, he gave off a clear, medium amber glow, and showed himself to be wearing a fizzy, white crown. It's amazing how well the crown stays behind even after it has been removed. The way it sticks to my glass as if not wanting to let go. It ever so subtly captures the fragrant hops jumping out of the glass towards me, as if to say No, old friend...I've saved these for you and you alone.

View the pour here

At first scent, I pick up hints of orange and perhaps a hint of pine. Missing from the equation is a malt character, but that's ok because overt malts are not on the guest list for this visit. With great anticipation, I raise the glass to my lips and take the first sip of this glorious elixir. It rushes over my tongue, leaving a light sweetness on the front of my tongue, while a moderate bitterness is left in its wake at the back, with gentle carbonation on my cheeks. After a few sips, I give the glass a swirl, awakening the head and it springs back to life with the same eagerness it displayed when it first was poured. Another sniff reveals a slightly less sweet aroma, this time with a significantly more pronounced pine presence.

Not wanting to be outdone, the mouthfeel leaves little to be desired. Upon the disappearance of the brew from my mouth, I'm left just short of a lip-smacking bitterness. I know I can get more, but overt bitterness is another guest that was not extended an invitation this evening. With a slightly dry texture, I reach for another sip, and then another. Alas, this is the only Mojo I have in stock, but as short-lived as our visit was together, it was good while it lasted, and that is all that any one man can ask for.

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