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Thursday, February 22, 2007

New site additions

Well, for me, this is a very exciting announcement. With the technology that has been made available to us by moving to a new server, I've been dabbling in dynamic pages and, after much tinkering, have developed a dynamic beer table. It has been uploaded to the site and is ready for use. Browse on over to the new beer table and have a look.

I'm able to restrict the number of rows displayed per page, making the table much easier to navigate, as opposed to listing all 300+ beers on one page.

Additionally, I've added a new email us page with our individual beer addresses.

This is hopefully just the tip of the iceberg on the services and features we'll be rolling out in the coming months, as we attempt to build up the 2 Beer Guys brand. Spread the word on 2 Beer Guys, and go find passion in a bottle of beer!


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