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Monday, July 23, 2007

Maine or bust....

On Saturday, I spent a long period of time in a car with the Wallen Duo. Not just any car, but a Prius. WOO HOOO. The Wallens were reminded quickly how fun I am on a long car trip.

(We sang songs, Andy grumply told us stories and asked "are we there yet" over 100 times)

Anyways, we planned to visit the "The Liberal Cup" in Hallowell, Maine. We should have checked ahead, because when we got close, there were tons of cars and people walking around. We ended driving right through "Hallowell Days". We decided to take a rain check and headed towards Portland.

On the way, eagle eye Andy noticed Kennebec Brewing Company, in Gardiner, Maine. Making a quick u-turn and we ventured back to the brewery to check it out. It has a nice small pub (named Friggin Sturgin Pub). We ordered a draft ESB and Stout. The stout was very active in the glass and was very creamy. We both enjoyed the stout. The ESB was ok. There was an interesting sign on the door stating that they were looking for a partner to help them out with the business.

When we were finished, we headed back to Portland to eat at the Great Lost Bear. They offer 50+ beers on tap. Mostly Maine brews, but had other offerings. We enjoyed a Big A IPA and 60 min IPA. Yum. The menu was extensive and offered typical pub food. For an appetizer we tried cheese fries with bacon. Very tasty.

The Great Lost Bear is the Sunset tap and gill of Maine. Not as many offerings, but still a place to visit.


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