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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Disappointment in sunny FL

First, let me start off by saying that it's been AGES since I've blogged. Good to blog again....

Okay...so last weekend I went to Florida for my 10 year high school reunion. Let me just say that I was expecting a bust of a reunion, but this turned out to be pretty good. Lots of fun with old friends in the children of the corn town. I was instantly time warped back to high school.

I flew into Jacksonville around 10 am with high hopes. I was on a mission from 2 beer guy's, Sean. My mission, should I choose to accept it (and I did) was to locate the Bad Frog beer company and purchase a tap handle (http://www.badfrog.com/merch.html) or two (can't leave the other beer guy out!). Now, this was a difficult mission, indeed, as when I visited the bad frog beer site, I had difficulty locating an address for this place, and, when I called the phone number the site provided, I got a message saying the number was not in service. Clearly off to a bad start. But I called Sean to have the address verified, and after he gave it to me, we plugged it into my sister's GPS system.

As the GPS told us when to turn left or right,I was looking forward to a unique beer at a brew pub or perhaps even a brewery. Pulling on to the road that was indicated by address, I craned my neck in anticipation of the building. Finally, it was in view....a strip mall? Huh...judging by the website (which is poorly done), I figured this must have been a small beer operation located in the strip mall. After again checking the GPS, we turned in to the strip mall and scanned the store signs one by one. No bad frogs to be seen. We did a second run with the same result. There was no such thing at this address. After sitting in the parking lot, staring in disbelief (and huge disappointment on my part) at the GPS, we gave up and decided to head off to St. George street where I sat at an outdoor bar drinking the finest St. Auggie had to offer...Yuengling. =(

Disappointment number two came later that night as I headed out with April and friends to Market Street pub in Gainesville. It's a pub, so I was looking forward to some tasty brew. Upon entering, I was delighted to see a substantial row of tap handles lined up behind the bar. My enthusiasm quickly faded, however, when I saw what these taps had to offer: Bud, Bud Lite, Miller, Miller Lite, PBR (on tap...yes), Mich Ultra. The few redeeming qualities were Bass, Guinness, and Newcastle. Thank God I could atleast have a black and tan not feel like a total blasphemer.

The good thing about Florida, however, was a trip to the local grocery chain (I love you, Publix!) where I found Harpoon, Seadog, Red Hook, and Flying Dog. I selected a nice Porter and hung out with friends, enjoying, finally, a quality beverage.

I don't think 2 beer guys will need to make any Florida plans any time soon. They sure know how to party in the south, now they just need to get some better brew.


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