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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dover - Alumni Weekend

Amber and I went up to Maine last weekend for their Alumni weekend. This festival started ~11 years ago, but this was the first time that we visited during the festival.

On Saturday night, after driving through the rain/lightening storm and avoiding all of the fallen trees, we ventured over to da Bear's Den to visit with her brothers. I was quite pleased that tucked away in central Maine, they had Shipyard Export and Casco Bay - Rip Tide on draft.

The bar was pretty crowded, mostly people returning for the weekend, but there were some locals. (The bears den is a bar in a modified house. When walking up the porch entrance, we passed by all of the locals having a smoke. It was similar to walking into Seabrook Walmart.) The band was pretty good. The lead singer loved using his voice box thingy and the sax player was good.

On Saturday morning, we ventured into town to see the parade. I was surprised to learn that the parade route is about 2 1/2 miles and there were over 80 floats/vehicles participating. After the parade finished, the streets were closed. We ventured over to Abel Blood's. I was very excited to see everyone wearing Sea Dog Blueberry shirts. What's more exciting was their beers on draft.

* Sea Dog Blueberry
* Shipyard Summer
* Casco Bay - Rip Tide
* Geary's Hampshire Special Ale
* Harpoon IPA (in the bottle)

Yum Yum. We sat outside on the sidewalk under the tent, I enjoyed a couple of tasty Sea Dog Blueberry drafts.

When it was time to move on, we ventured over to the pub next door to visit Josh (who was eating lunch). I am not sure if the pub's name, but it's situation inside an old bank. It still has the vault. I was rather excited that they offered Shipyard export - $1.75 drafts..

It was a fun time in Dover.

We'll definitely have to go back next year.


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