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Friday, July 27, 2007

Looking to Catch Some Zzzzzs?

I spent a short time online search for information on growing hops....for no other reason than I thought it would be cool to do. It turns out that it's a rather inexpensive effort, but that the plants must be cared for and maintained throughout their annual lifecycle. I am intrigued and tempted to try it out, but not until next spring, as you are supposed to plant them in the spring and they bloom in late August or early September in this region.

Well, all that information was not intended to put you to sleep, but if it did, I apologize. The reason for the title is actually one of interest. Hops have many uses and effects on the human body beside the wonderful feeling you get when sipping a tasty beer! In fact, according to several websites that sell hop rhizomes (hops seeds), if you were an insomniac and were to fill your pillowcase with hops, your insomnia would actually be remedied! Amazing!! So, I guess if you're having trouble sleeping and you don't have any hops lying around....just have another beer!!?? Right??


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