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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where have YOU been lately?

PHEEEEEEWWWWWW.... boy have we been busy!!!

OK, I apologize for being silent on the blog for a bit lately. I have a medley of topics that I want to recap on. If you have anything to share, please add a comment.

Drink Craft Beer, You've Earned It!!

The Liberal Cup

The Liberal Cup 115 Water Street, Hallowell, Me. 04347
Old world style English Pub. Comfortable, friendly atmosphere serving delicious homemade fare and fresh brewed beers crafted in our brewery on the premises.
Bar Business Hours: Daily 11:30 am - Closing
Restaurant Business Hours: Serving lunch & dinner daily from 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

After we closed on the camp in Maine, Amber and I grabbed some dinner at the Liberal Cup (With Tom/Cathy/Josh and Mackenzie). The pub has a rustic bar, but clean atmosphere. The walls were covered with beer sign and many different beer bottles from other breweries. They had a wide variety of food on their menu. With our meal, Amber and I shared their sampler of beers. I enjoyed their CASK ESB the best, while Amber like the Lake Trout Stout (offered by their Guest Brewery - Sebago). It's great that this brewery is only 7 miles away from our Camp. Can't wait for everyone to check it out!!!


Wachusett Blueberry

I picked up a couple of 6 packs at Leary's last weekend and placed them in the top portion of the shopping cart. I was shocked that a bottle of Wachusett's Blueberry exploded while it was in the cart. I took the 6 pack off that was on top of it, but for some reason, the bottle exploded and sent everywhere. I only received a few scratches, but please be aware when stacking 6 backs.

Tap Riverfest...

The Tap Riverfest has come and gone. Andy, George, Ryan and I worked the event. Also present at this event were Ian, Kristen, Kat, Amber, and Lisa. I was glad to be a pourer at the Cask Ale station. One for YOU, one for meeeee. Well, no, it didn't really go that way, but it was a fun time. I plan on volunteering for this event next year (if we aren't helping organize it)...

Woodstock Inn Brewery

On Saturday night, Amber and I traveled to Lincoln, NH to meet up with Ryan, Jen, Oliver, Ian, Kristen, Matt and Megan. I was excited that we were going to the Highland games on Sunday. After taking the 2 hour trek, we departed the hotel for dinner and beverages at the Woodstock Inn.

It was rather crowed when we arrived, so we put our names in for a table and headed to the bar. The layout of the brewpub is rather hodgepodge, like a series of additions were added on to the existing building. Each room had it's own atmosphere, but unfortunately, this meant crowded walk ways and made it somewhat difficult to navigate.

After enjoying some pints and peanuts, we decided to get a pitcher (because we saw someone else with it). I am glad that we got pitchers of the Cask IPA and the Pigs Ear Nut brown. Both offerings were very tasty. We also tried their Scottish Ale that they made specifically for the Highland Games. It was very good.

At the end of the evening, I met head brewer Errol 'Butch' Chase. He was rather busy working the bar, so we didn't bother him. Overall, the beer was tasty and the atmosphere was awesome. I would definitely go back for more.


New Hampshire Highland Games

On Sunday, we ventured over to the Highland Games. It was fun watching the tough man competitions, see all of the dancers and listen to the different Bag Pipe bands. Towards the end of the day, I tried Redhook's Scottish Ale that they made for the Festival. It was tasty, but not as flavorful as Woodstock's Scottish ale.

I hope that I am able to attend the Highland Games next year.


  • At Wednesday, September 26, 2007 at 10:38:00 AM EDT, Blogger hefeweizen_hunny said…

    I tried this Pigs Ear Nut Brown while on my way to North Conway this past Saturday. I wish I had known you guys were up that way, Gavin and I went up to N. Conway for the day. We could have met up!
    Anyhow...I LOVED this Pigs Ear. It was more stout like than a nut brown. VERY tasty. I was planning on writing about it, but once again Sean, you've beat me to the punch!!!


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