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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Extreme! Yes...and I like it!

This blog is a bit late in coming, but I think you will be informed and will have plenty of time to find a date for the Extreme Beer Fest next February. Sean, Ian and I ventured into Boston on a Friday afternoon (I know, very romantic). We were down one Beer Wife, but of course, she was there in spirit. We met Andy at Cyclorama (he was a trooper and waited about 10th in line) but we ditched him for coffee. Upon our return, the line was REALLY long, so we cut behind Andy. Bonehead move of the night: Ian, Sean and Amber not bringing Andy a cup of coffee...DOH!

Upon entering the event we were wowed by a huge room, walls peppered in beer tables with very specially aged beers. We were walking into the Night Of The Barrels. We would partake of a variety of wood aged beers that we would probably never have again. They could be aged in oak barrels, wine barrels, whiskey barrels....I couldn't find one aged in a pickle barrel....crap! It was interesting to see the signs behind the beer tables. Most were very humble signs written in marker on white paper. It only made your first drink of the luscious liquid all the better. That's the way they trick you....humble signs, KICK-ASS beer! Although the place was huge, it was not as packed as we had anticipated. Very lovely indeed. We walked around a bit frantic at first trying to taste as many of these beers as possible. We soon realized that because they were all over 10% we should slow up a bit. Well....we didn't. Wink.

At one point, the guys listened to some key note speakers while I just chilled with some beer, observing the a room filled with people that shared our same love: Beer.

We all enjoyed some wonderful food from the Sunset Grill. We were wowed by the choices; chilly, cheddar wurst, gourmet pizza, and paninis. yum, yum and double yum!

We enjoyed meeting the folks from the Surly brewery in Minnesota. We also enjoyed drinking their beers!

I raise my glass (literally) to Jason and Todd Alstrom (sorry guys, don't know how to add the two dots above the "O") of Beer Advocate. Good show chaps, good show. I will feverishly try to find a date for next year.

Any takers?
Beer Girl, signing out!


  • At Friday, February 29, 2008 at 8:08:00 AM EST, Blogger Andy said…

    Haha, yes, where's my coffee!!! ;)
    Seriously, this was an amazing time, like beergirl said. A little expensive compared to some beer fests, but based on the facts that: 1) the beers were all one of a kind and 2) the limit of 500 tickets being sold kept the fest from being overcrowded and the lines almost nonexistent, this was the best beer fest I've been to. Can't wait til next year...


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