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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do YOU know the secret handshake?

A few months ago, the two beer guys and friends started discussing "Home Brewing". Some of us have pseudo home brewed at http://www.incredibrew.com/. IncrediBrew is a pretty cool place. Brew on a Sunday and bottle two weeks later. They teach you how the brewing process works, but handles all of the messy details for you.

IncrediBrew is great. Dave (the owner) is great. It's just a great place to go with your friends to make a special treat.

Without openly discussing it, we wanted to take our beer experience to the next level. We realized that if we wanted to know more about beer, we would have to go through the trials and tribulations real brewers experience. WE HAD TO MAKE BEER!!!

So, in December, Ian searched out our local brewer's club. We discovered the North Shore Brewers club and decided to pencil the last Thursday of January for their 2007 meeting.

Where was this meeting? Well, thanks for asking. It was hosted by Mercury Brewing.

(Note: Up until now, Mercury was the dark horse in the 2beerguy's view. We tried to make contact with them, but we felt like our emails were falling onto blind eyes. Mercury Brewery, also known for their Ipswich line and their Stone cat series, is situated in our backyard. This is our turf :) )

We were going to a trip to Mercury. Ryan, Ian and I were pumped. Before going in, we decided that if we accepted with open arms, then we would join the club. If not, we were going to think about it.

Ian and I walked in and it went something like this.... "Hey, are you new members" "Yeah, we are interested in joining the group" ... "Follow me". We followed bill over to the taps. "Grab a glass and choose what ever you like".

Well, it wasn't possible to have a warmer welcome.

The meeting was a fun time. We talked shop. We went on a tour. We watch some members harvest some yeast. We enjoyed some home brew and snacks.

So, we paid our membership fee and now we are members. WooHoo


What does the North Shore Brewers club do?

The North Shore Brewers meet on the fourth Thursday of each month to discuss, and drink, beer and home brewing. These meetings are held in restaurants, member homes, function halls, and even breweries.

Our members have a wide range of experience, ranging from never brewed to many years of all grain brewing experience. Home brewers and beer enthusiasts of all levels of experience are welcome. Come join us at our next monthly meeting.



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