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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A "healthy" obsession.

Saturday night, following the UML Riverhawks shining...er...defeat, Sean, Gavin and I went to the brewery in Lowell (accompanied by Dougie...but he's not a beer fan). It was Sean's idea to sit and sip some beer there in bar downstairs.
I ordered a Concord Oatmeal Stout (which was...dare I say...yumilicious), Sean ordered a Rapscallion Creation and Gavin, a Concord Honey Ale. Upon tasting Sean's Creation selection, Gavin and I quickly developed a bad case of beer envy. Suddenly, my Oatmeal Stout wasn't the creme de la creme selection I thought it was. All I could think about was Sean's glass, that lemony aroma, that slight hit of bitter. I wanted what Sean had and the envy was consuming me.
When it came time for round two, I became even more envious. I was driving, so the one beer was it for me. Then, Sean did something that escalated my jealousy from envy to pure obsession...he ordered a Rapscallion Premier for his second beer. I thought the Creation was the end all be all until I sampled this amazing concoction. This had similar qualities to the Creation, but was darker, smoother and reminded me of a cognac. Oh...the envy was taking me over. And it took Gavin over too. He was going to order a Creation, but Sean, with all his good beer sense, stopped him, had him sample his Premier and then Gavin quickly satisfied his beer envy, by ordering a Premier as well.


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