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Sunday, March 04, 2007

A cold, frosty one.

The weather or the beer? Well, in this case I'm referring to both.
It's been a chilly couple of weeks here in northern Mass and I decided to take full advantage of it. Kat, Gavin and I went tubing this past Monday and it was so much fun!
We suited up in snow pants, thick coats, snow gloves and wooly hats, went down to the Amesbury Sports Park and partook in a New England winter time event called tubing. It was the first time for Kat and I, being the southern transplants that we are. We paid our $18, grabbed some tubes and started our journey up the hill. The climb appeared daunting, but thank god they had a lift system. So we plopped down in our tubes, were teathered to the lift and began the slow, relaxing trip to the top. On the way up, there was a sign that said "be prepared to roll out of your tube at the stop gate". And this was worded appropriately. Kat quickly noticed there was no gaceful way to get out of the tube, so roll out it was. We climbed the last 10 or so feet to the top, dragging the tubes behind us, and treaded through the snow to where the other brave souls looking for high speed on ice were wating in line. We decided we should each make the first run solo.
We all waited in the same line. Kat and Gavin each went before me. They made it look so easy and fun. I watched both of them as they raced down the ice, skid off the end and on to the astro-turf.
As I watched them, I found myself getting closer and closer to the moment where intestinal fortitude would have to over come my nerves. Then there I was...standing at the top of the hill looking down the slope that suddenly appeared to be much steeper than it did from the bottom.
"You can go when you're ready", the attendant informed me. It was upon me. Anxiety gripped me and I knew it was now or never. Kat and Gavin were waiting for me at the bottom. They looked like tiny ants from this height. I sat down in my tube and began scooting my way to the start of the decline. "All you need is a little push" the attendant said as he gave me a hard shove. And I was off; careening over the crest of the decline, hurling at such velocity that I could barely scream. Ice was flying up and hitting me in the face making it difficult to see. I went down the slope, sliding from side to side and turning circles all the way down. And then I hit the astro-turf. I dug my heels in to the ground in an attempt to slow myself down. I came skidding to a halt. I was breathing hard and looked up at Kat and Gavin who were standing a few feet away smiling at me. "Heck yeah!" I shouted. I got up, and we began our journey up the hill for a second run.
After many trips up and down the hill, we decided to break for lunch. We were pleased to see that there was a sports pub upstairs in the complex. When we walked in, we saw probably one of the greatest sights of the whole day...a lovely selection of beers. Gavin and Kat each ordered a Sam Winter and I had a Long Trail IPA. We sat there sipping our cold, frosty beverages on this cold, frosty day and yet somehow found warmth in them.
We finished our lunch and brews and went back out for a few more tubing runs...during the last of which we all went on our stomachs. It was a wonderful day of New England winter fun with delicious brew shared with wonderful friends. This cold, frosty one turned out to be a very warm memory.