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Friday, April 27, 2007

Cerveza Negra and Red Horse

As my time here is winding down, I wanted to make sure that I reviewed Sam Miguel's flagship beer "Red Horse". On my first trip here, I was informed that many are not able to drink a couple and remember the stories to tell.... Well.. tonight I enjoyed the last two offering from Sam Miguel that I could locate and I wanted to share with you.

I started with a Cerveza Negra - An Exhilaration Dark Lager - reviewed from a 330 ml bottle

The Negra pours a black cloudy body with a large light brown creamy head. The creamy head was very active, mostly diminishing but didnt leave a trail. Light could slightly be seen through the bottom of the glass, but the dark body couldn't hide the activity. There was a bubble party going on and I was invited.

The nose perked up from the initial pour and remained pleased through out the review. The malt presence was strong with caramel and dark chocolate. The initial moderately bitter taste settled over time into a light bitter sweet taste on the palate for a long duration. The medium body lager was very lively in carbonation with a creamy feel on the palate. Over time, it leaves a dry presence on the palate.

I enjoyed this offering from Sam Miguel. Its not found in many restaurants. I was lucky enough to stumble upon on it in the grocery store. Yes, they have grocery stores in Manila. They even have electricity :) Most of the beers enjoyed by the Filipinos are lighter lagers. This is a nice change and a surprise to be a member of the lager family.

(In comparison to a well known Irish dark beer, this is very similar in aroma and it's creamy taste. It was lighter in body and refreshing on a hot day.)

Notes from the Brewer:

Cerveza Negra is the taste of a robust spirit. It is distinguished by the fullness of its flavor, the caramel tones that tease the palate, and the rich creaminess of its format.

It is a dark lager unlike any other. Undeniably, Cerveza Negra is meant for you.

Red Horse Beer - Extra Strong

For those who are not aware, Red Horse is Sam Miguels flagship beer. This is the beer that everyone fears (in a good way). If you want to impress your friends, have a couple and stay around to remember your evening.

The Red Horse pours a cloudy yellow, settling into an active yellow body and a fizzy head. The head was very active and diminished at an amazingly fast rate. With good lacing, the fully diminishing head disappeared quicker than the Negra. The nose wasnt over powered by the malts, but there was a malty-soapy presence. The Red Horse isn't known for its aroma.

The initially light bitter taste was over powered by the carbonation presence. It was quickly followed by a light bitter finish for a long duration on the palate. The Red Horse is light in body and left a gummy feeling on my palate. The strong presence of alcohol left an astringent feel in my mouth.

This is a light beer thats strong and enjoyed often with a group of friends. If you are up for the challenge of a Red Horse?

Notes from the Brewer:

Experience that distinctive full-flavored taste and extra-satisfying strength of a world class strong beer.



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