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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Red God IPA

Today was the first day for CBC's 2007 edition of the Red God IPA:

Featuring Simcoe, Amarillo, and Columbus hops at an unheard of rate of over three pounds per barrel, with American pale and Belgian caramel malts providing a malty but dry pedestal upon which this hop fest rides until its long, lingering, hop-bittered finish. Beware this vengeful, Old-Testament God. Say your prayers…OG:1.076 FG:1.012 ABV:8.4%

My first reaction was just, wow! How could he hide 8.4%, cause you barely detect the alcohol, even as the glass warms near the finish. Aroma is moderately hoppy, but since it's not dry-hopped, it's pretty typical of a double-IPA. The taste, though is all hops all the time. It reminded me a bit of Steve's going away double IPA from the Tap in that they don't let the strength of the beer diminish their goal of just beating you senseless with bitterness. I think you hop-heads are going to like it!



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