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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My first taste of Summer

When I think summer, I think of two things I look forward to every year: Red Sox baseball and Sam Summer. This is exactly what I got on a chilly spring day in Boston.

Gavin and I decided to go down to Boston for Red Sox opening day. It was gray, chilly and windy out. We made our way down to the Cask n Flagon right next door to Fenway and began our hour wait to get inside. There was alot to entertain us as the line slowly advanced; the girl selling programs was really funny. We just stood there, not minding the cold wind and soaked up the sounds, smells and moments that occur outside of Fenway Park. God...it had been too long.

Once we got to the doors of the Cask n Flagon, we decided to sit outside to eat our lunch (as if we'd not endured enough punishment from the chilly New England spring day). He had their Bleacher Dogs (2 massive hot dogs loaded with chili...oh yes, Amber....it looked like heaven on a plate) and I had the cajun grilled swordfish sandwich. Delish! And to wash them down? Well...inspite of the cold air, we ARE dedicated beer drinkers, so we each got a cold Red Hook Blonde. Light, fizzy and flavorful!

After eating we headed inside and were a little stunned by the renovation the Cask n Flagon had undergone. It was very open inside and all the cute charm it used to possess of a little English pub was now replaced by an open, airy, modern resturaunt. It was certainly beautiful, but I missed the quaint atmosphere of what used to be the Cask n Flagon.

The place was packed. This new set up certainly allowed for more people. Gavin and I scoured the place, but not a seat could be found. We resorted to standing along a wall in the back, finishing our Blondes in the warm interior of the place (much better for drinking a cold brew). Then I spotted a treasure. At a table near by, two girls sat finishing their pizza. A table for four. Leaving two seats unclaimed. With an idea in my head, I approached and politely interrupted their meal. Turned out, those seats were not going to be claimed by anybody. So I asked if they would mind if I removed them from the table. No problem! Voila! We had seats along the wall. And a wooden high chair made a fine table for our beers. How fortunate. So we sat and began watching the game.

This is when Gavin decided it was time for a second beer. I went to the bar to order for us. He'd asked for a Sam, winter if they had it. When I ordered, the bar tender informed that they no longer had Sam Winter.....the new season was here! Summer was on tap! I ordered two (I really hadn't intended to get another beer, until I heard this). As I returned to our "table", Gavin looked puzzled as he saw the lemon sitting on the rim of his glass. "It's summer" was all I needed to say. He looked just as happy at this discovery as I was.

I put the glass to my lips and took my first sip. Oh heavenly Grains of Paradise! Oh glorious kiss of lemon. It was as if heaven itself opened and shined a beam of warm sunshine directly down on my glass. That sip took me back to several summers of friends, sunshine and this beer. Ah..the memories.

We eventually scored a real table, the Red Sox won 14-3 and we enjoyed several "Summers". This day was one not to forget so soon...and with Summer just begining, I'm sure I'll be reminded of it time and time again. Go Sox and welcome Summer.


  • At Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 1:36:00 PM EDT, Blogger Hops said…

    hahah...miss hefeweizen_hunny...i also enjoyed my first sam summer on tuesday. Ian said i have a surprise for you (and after a long day of cooking hot dogs and making popcorn for my company's annual sox opener festivities, i was happy for a surprise)... i was THRILLED that my favorite summer beverage had returned. I was actually petting my glass of sam summer! Im glad you and Gavin were as psyched as I was! too funny!


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