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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ignace Update

I'm sharing this message, because it's the easiest way to share information with everyone... If you have any questions, please let me know.


My sister was kind enough to send this message on my behalf.

This has been a unique learning experience although I have to strongly recommend against, going through the exercise just for the pleasure of getting to know
yourself better. However, I was there, it did happen, this is what I found out.

1) I kick ass really, I do when confronted with a life-threatening situation. I was able to conceive and implement a plan to survive. Many people can do that too, I am far from unique.

But when asked naw "what would you do if".....

I can answer with certainty, it' s a great feeling (and I hope I won't do it again!!!!)

2) I can crack wise- anytime-, the expression on the doctor's face when you ask "so, when do you think i could go back to work" right before you flatline priceless ( but again, i can't recommend going through all that, just so you can deliver the line)

3)There is-no- bright light at the end of the tunnel, you fade out and somebody will go: "sir, sir! wake-up, sir you either hear them and respond or you don't.

Thank you all very much again, you're chrome steel on the outside and butter scotch on the inside.

See you all soon!!!


Here are some of my favorite Ignace pics.


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