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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Otter Creek, Harpoon, and 24

So Monday night, we reviewed the variety pack from Otter Creek in Vermont, as well as the IPA and UFO from Harpoon. Two of Otter Creek's offerings, Pale Ale and Copper Ale, were very drinkable beers, but didn't offer up very much in terms of aroma or taste. The Stovepipe Porter however was a much different story, as it displayed hints of caramel, coffee, chocolate, and a general maltiness.

24 came on at 9, which was when we were starting to look at the two Harpoon beers. We've had the Harpoon IPA many times in the past, and it happens to be one of our personal favorites, so it was with great surprise that we were less than blown away when it actually came time to review it. Perhaps we just got a bad batch, or it had simply been out on the shelf for too long. Either way, we powered through it and, although not enticed into another one that evening, enjoyed it just the same.

On a side note, it was literally an explosive episode of 24, where the President's medaling wife almost got her due. If I may, I just have to say that who is she to be meddling in the affairs of state. Nobody elected her into office, and as sniveling and cowardly as the President is, he is still the boss and doesn't need his wife cutting him under. There, I've said my peace and I feel a lot better.


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