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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chief Beer Officer

Do you have what it takes to be a "Chief Beer Officer"?

Starwood/ Sheraton Four Points hotel is looking for a Chief Beer Officer. What an opportunity. It sounded too good to be trye. I couldn't locate a description of the opportunity, but it's rumored to be a job ad for a professional beer taster/reviewer. Description includes brewery/pub tours, beer deliveries, etc.

This this a ploy to collect names to spam? We'll soon find out.

I went to the following website to sign up:

After entering some brief contact information in the "Who are you" section, I moved into the "What do you know" section.

This was an interesting section. I have copied the multiple choice questions here. Can you pass the test? If you need any answers, send an email to webmaster@2beerguys.com

Note: special thanks to Lisa for finding this opportunity.

The extent to which yeast consumes fermentable sugars is called:
- Greed
- Attenuation
- Hunger

Name a single celled microorganism that reproduces by budding:

- My boss
- My brother-in-law
- Yeast, which unlike the above serves the useful purpose of converting fermentable sugars into alcohol

It was documented in voyage journals that the Mayflower abandoned its voyage and landed in Plymouth because:

- The Captain grew tired of the pilgrims whining “Are we there yet?”
- They saw a sign on the beach saying “If you lived here you’d be home now.”
- They ran out of beer

Which is not a variety of hop?

- Amarillo
- Boy George
- Fuggle
- Williamette

The first truly engineered beer, Porter gets its name from:

- Cole Porter, American composer, songwriter and beer enthusiast
- The porterhouse steak which it serves to wash down nicely
- Its popularity with transportation workers in 19th century Central London

What does light-struck mean?

- Beer has been exposed to ultraviolet light which has caused its flavor to be “skunked”
- After rolling precipitously close to the edge of a table, beer reports having seen a dazzling light
- The beer was being held by a drinker who was struck by lightening, but since aluminum cans do not conduct electricity, the beer was merely struck by the light

Define “skunked”:

- An unfortunate surprise meeting with a white striped forest dweller
- Exposure to ultraviolet light has caused hop-derived molecules, called isohumulones, to be ripped apart and bind with sulfur atoms
- Sort of like “punked” but the host of the show doesn’t wear deodorant

Who is Ninkasi?

- The President of Four Points by Sheraton
- The Sumerian goddess of brewing and beer
- The British fashion designer behind the return of the bubble skirt

What causes Bitterness?

- Being done wrong by your best gal and best friend
- Mom loving your brother more
- Iso-alpha-acid in solution (derived from hops)

Name one of life's joys that can accompany goat cheese?

- Basketball
- Acoustic guitar
- Beer drinking (Wheat Beers complement goat cheese especially well)

Name another uncomplicated delight available at Four Points by Sheraton:

- Pie
- Cloud gazing
- The lute


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