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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Are you a Beer Geek

In the March 2007 issue of Beer Advocate, I came across this quiz that may interest the 2beerguys community.

Are you a beer geek

You may already be a beer geek, but just to be sure, answer yes or no to the following 10 questions to ascertain your level of beer geekdom!

1. You have a child or a pet named after a beer.

2. You were married or spent your honeymoon in a brewery or breweries.

3. When someone drops the name "Michael Jackson" into a conversation, your first thought is not pop music, Billie Jean or moonwalking.

4. You own more than a dozen bottle openers and keep at least one on your keychain.

5. All of the glassware in your house has logos on it.

6. Your wardrobe consists primarily of shirts, sweats and jackets from breweries.

7. You plan your vacations around beer festivals, and make sure your destinations have enough breweries and pubs to visit before making reservations.

8. You own at least two refrigerators.

9. Your home is decorated in early American beer paraphernalia.

10. What few non-beer-geek friends you have alwats keep a handful of decent beers in their refrigerators just to keep you happy...or quiet.

If you answered yes to one or more guestions...Congratulations, you're a beer geek! Five or more makes you an uber beer geek. The higher your score, the more passionate your geekdom.


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