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Friday, March 23, 2007

Food for thought...

So I was spraying lacquer today, getting high as a kite of course and it hit me....no not a piece of wood nor a shot from the spray gun...a thought. I have nothing but free mental time when spraying lacquer so it's a great time for me to think about the other things important in my life...one of those being 2beerguys! Ok, so now that I've totally bored you all with the useless details of my day, the point:

Each year many of the individuals who are part of the esteemed institution of 2beerguys form another group that has gone by several names to include Team Chewbacca and Team F Brace. Knowing that our friend Jess was aided by Harpoon in her effort to fundraise for the PMC, I thought, why can't we do the same for our annual Relay for Life team? Shamefully, I believe that we are typically near the bottom of the fundraising list and this could be a good way to remedy that.

Of course this would accomplish many of the things we're looking to do. It could kick off a relationship with Harpoon; it would give 2beerguys a hosting debut; it would raise money for a great cause; and most importantly, it would give us an excuse to drink really good beer.
So there we go. There is my lacquer scented thought of the day! I think I'll go smell some more fumes now...


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