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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Monday Night Beer and a TV show

For those who don’t know, Ian, Ryan, Amber and I are 24 fanatics. We spend many Monday evenings watching Jack Bauer escape death, count the times that Chloe cries, and predict what the terrorists will do next. If you aren’t watching 24, you’re missing out on all of the action.

Anyways, back to reality. Beer. It’s what’s for dinner. Well, not really FOR dinner, but for a pleasure after dinner. This evening, we enjoyed three tasty bombers (22oz-ers). They were the following:

Boulder Beer Company - GABF 25th Year Beer - ESB
Rock Art Brewery - Magnumus et Tomahawkus - Strong Ale
Twisted Pine Brewery - Hoppy Boy - IPA

We had high aspirations of making this a 5er night, but Amber didn’t return from her Boston Adventure until late. She decided to stay home, so we reduce the review down to three offerings. As you will be able to determine by the scores and reviews, all three offerings were quite pleasant on the palate and taste buds.

You might be able to guess which one was my favorite… go head.. make a guess..

Ok, so you are right. It was my favorite. Very aromatic and moistened my palate…..

As you can imagine, Jack Bauer lasted another suspenseful hour. Until Next Monday!!!!!


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