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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Maytag Handy Chiller is the fastest way to chill drinks

Maybe this will make it to the states, so we can chill our 22 oz bottles..

The new Maytag Handy Chiller is the fastest way to chill drinks. The patented process is 40 times faster than a freezer and can cool:
• Cans in 1 minute,
• Wine and Bottles in 3.5 minutes and
• Super Cool bottles in 6 minutes.

Just add ice, water and plug in, you will never run out of cold drinks again. Ideal for parties, entertaining or whenever you desire a cold beverage at a moments notice. This versatile unit may also be used to warm babies bottles to a safe drinking temperate in two minutes. Available in sleek and stylish silver and black to ensure that it will look the part in any kitchen.

Dimensions - Height 200mm, Width 330mm, Depth 140mm.

Price: £59.99


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