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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sad news for the "Other" Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, aka "The Beer Hunter", died Thu 8/30/07 at 65. He was one of the world's great authorities on beer. As you can imagine, he used his name to his advantage...

Here's an excerpt from his website....

Hello, my name is Michael Jackson. No, not that Michael Jackson, but I am on a world tour. My tour is in pursuit of exceptional beer. That's why they call me the Beer Hunter.

I've learned a lot since my World Guide to Beer was published in 1977 and since public television first aired the Beer Hunter series. I'm here to share some of that knowledge with you, to tell you stories about breweries, to teach you about tasting beer and to help you understand what it means to be part of a beer culture.

Michael Jackson's web site is still up http://www.beerhunter.com/


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