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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Best of Belgium Multi-pack


In preparation for the World cup (and because Dad bought it for me), Ian and I enjoyed a sample from the Best of Belgium multi-pack. This multi-pack contained 3 types of Beers totaling 18 beers:

* Stella Artois http://www.stellaartois.com
* Leffe http://www.leffe.com/
* Hoegaarden

main website: http://www.inbev.com/

Stella is one of my favorite light beers. It's very different than the local microbrews, but I always enjoy a draft Stella in a traditional Stella glass.

I had never had Leffe Blond before sampling this multi-pack. It was a light beer and was ok.

I have tried Hoegaarden in the past. I wasn't a fan, but I enjoyed it this time. Hoegaarden (Hoegaarden Blanche) is also referred to as a Belgium White or a wheat beer. It's a yellow fizzy beer with a taste of lemon. It's refreshing on a hot summer day.

After having a discussion with a colleague, living in Belgium, we decided that this multi-pack should be renamed. Here are a few options:

* Beer that the Dutch was not planning on drinking.
* Best of Belgium beer that you could buy in a discounted multi-pack
* Best of Belgium beer that was not created by Monks.
* Best of what Belgium has to offer in the US in an 18 pack of summer delight

After slight confusion, Ignace was quick to understand the contents of the multi-pack. He commended: "Yeah, I know which way the wind blows now..... You're having big industry beer in your best-of-Belgium, buddy. .... I would weep deep, shocking, heartrending, soul-destroying, earth shattering tears if that was anywhere near the best of what Belgium has to offer."

I had a chance to learn this first hand, until my travel plans fell through. Ignace planned on taking me to a mecca for beer lovers. None of the mentioned beers would have been served in this place. There are hopes and dreams of eventually visiting this heavenly place. Until then, I can only place these dreams on hold and imaging ignace's offer..

"I'll take you to beer heaven, and you will get to make a selection of that which is truly good beer."

Notes: These beers are not widely offered in Belgium. They were owned separately and bought out by Inbev brewery.


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