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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Grit-er done

August 6, 2006:

Amber and I visited Gritty McDuff's Brewery in Freeport, Maine. This was my first trip to Gritty's, but Amber had visited before and strongly recommended that we stop.

I was quite surprised when entering the brewery. Small shop in the front and then entering, the restaurant is on the right and the bar is on the left. At the end of the bar, the windows provide a peak into the brewery. The brewery is quite small. At this facility, they bottle most (if not all) of their 22 oz offerings. I believe that they also fill their kegs at this facility. Outside the facility, they had a large outdoor eating area.

Amber and I choose to eat in the restaurant. I stated with a Vacation Land ale. Amber choose to pair a Black Fly Stout with the beer battered fish and chips. She was very pleased with her selection. For desert, we shared a Raspberry Ale, that they only offer on tap at this facility.

Overall, It was a good visit. If you are in Freeport shopping, visit Gritty's before getting on the highway.

Gritty has three locations:

- Freeport
- Auburn

We have reviewed many of their offerings, please check out our reviews and comparison table to view the scores. Also, check out your local stores, the Halloween Ale is releasing in late August. Currently, Gritty's distribution reaches from Maine to Connecticut. Soon to be taking over New York.

Visit their website for additional info:



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