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Monday, June 26, 2006

Beer in our Nation's Capitol


A merry hello from DC as I'm set to fly back home to Boston in an hour from now. I've spent four days down here and had an amazing time. Great to reconnect with old friends and make new acquaintances.

Until you leave our fair area of New England, you can't truly appreciate how fortunate we are as craft beer drinkers. There were several brewpubs down here, one which we ate at on Saturday night, but predominantly, unless the beer was brewed at the pub itself, anything available came from outside the region.

We ate at Capitol City Brewing Company on Saturday, and I tried their ESB. Not a bad offering at all. I was just left yearning for more.

Again, without traveling outside the region, you just don't get a sense for the vast variety of choices we have in New England. We are surrounded by brewery after brewery, who consistently crank out delicious and diverse beers. Next time you enjoy a local beer, pause for, if just, a second, and be thankful that you live in a place where the beer flows freely from local breweries, and you don't have to say things such as 'This is a great beer. Where's it from?' More than likely, it's from just down the road.

E signing off from DC.


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