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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thrilla in Manila

Hello from the far east...

It's a hot time here in Manila (I know, you just suffered from a Nor'Easter). I saw a little about it on the news stations here. I had had a couple of beers and I wanted to share my experience...

On Monday Night, which really is Tuesday morning, I tried two different beers with my dinner. I started with the "Sparkling Ale" from Coopers Brewery, located in South Australia. The bottle promotes that it's "Australian Made / Australian Owned". Interesting motto, maybe this was to complete with Fosters.. which everyone knows it's Australian for beer.

I was quite surprised when it poured a cloudy medium brown color. The color and cloudy body reminded me of apple cider. With a quickly diminishing fizzy head, the nose didn't detect too much from the Sparkling Ale. When moving to the drink, the initially light bitter taste increased into a moderately bitter finish on the mouth. It was very carbonated and lefty my mouth a little tingly.

Here's what Coopers says about it:

Sparkling Ale

The ale by which all others should be measured. With its famous cloudy sediment and its distinctive balance of malt, hops and fruity characters, the old 'Red Label' is a tasty slice of Coopers history.

Little has changed since Thomas Cooper produced his first batch of Coopers Sparkling Ale in 1862. It's still brewed naturally using the century old top fermentation method and it still tastes great!

Sparkling Ale contains no additives or preservatives.
5.8% Alc/Vol


In addition to the Sparkling Ale, I tried a Warsteiner Premium Verum. This is a German Pilsner, but I am not sure where this was brewed/bottled. It poured a light yellow sparkling body with a white fizzy head that was fully diminished. The nose detected a strong smell, it wasn't sweet or citrus notes, but sharp like the pepper. I was expecting a more of a lemon sent. The moderately bitter initial taste moved into a light sour finish for a long duration on the mouth. It was a little watery on the palate and with a soft carbonation feel. This was ok, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

Here what Warsteiner has to say...

Warsteiner Premium Verum is a pilsner style beer with a smooth, rich, full bodied taste wrapped in a thick creamy head and a refreshing hop finish with no aftertaste. Warsteiner quenches the beer lover's thirst for a clean, crisp, refreshing beer taste.


Notes: Both beers were sampled in bottles.

Coming up next: Sam Miguel Lager fest!!


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