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Saturday, March 31, 2007

A good beer night

Thursday night, with Mrs. Curley Stout in Florida for work, I had to stay at the Residence Inn in Woburn because of floor work we're having done at the house. Being too tired to go out, I decided to take advantage of the fridge and microwave in the room and I made a trip to grocery store for chips and a package of hot pockets. At the liquor store next door I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunity pick up a couple 22 oz bombers to keep me company for the night... One was the Stone IPA, the other was Smuttynose's Big A IPA. While chatting Beer Guy-Sean, I cracked open the Stone IPA. Wow, what a fantastic aroma and it poured with a really nice, creamy head. The taste was not disappointing either. A very very good IPA, strong, but not enough to blow you away. After dinner I poured the Big A. Wow, no question at all that this is over 2% higher ABV than the Stone IPA. I found the two beers quite similar really, except for the much more prominent alcohol presence in the Big A. Though I enjoyed them both, the Stone was much more drinkable, as the Big A's extra octane seemed a bit pushy on the taste buds. Between the junk food, the quality beers, and The Office marathon it was a good night.


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