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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Are these guys real reviewers?

Many may ask the question, Are these guys real reviewers or are they just finding a reason to drink?


Any reason to have a tasty beer is a good reason, but we do take our beer reviewing seriously.

This makes me wonder, how would anyone review a beer without testing it?

It's like reviewing a car by taking a picture of it.

"'This car has four wheels, lights on every side and through the window we can see a steering wheel." Who would want to read that?

You can't review a beer just by looking at it. You have to:

* Kick the tires
* Open the hood
* Check the frame (what ever that means)
* Check the tire tread
* Look for faulty manufacturing

We understand that everything looks good if you look at it from far enough away. Some beers look delicious and refreshing, until you drink it.

Read our reviews and see if you agree!


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