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Friday, August 11, 2006

Beer University - Baker and Stoney Style

Last night, Sean and I became graduates of the 2006 class of Beer University at the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH. 100.3 WHEB, sponsored the event, with Baker and Stoney, the evening drive time team, providing music and give-always to all.

Before we went on the brewery tour, we enjoyed pitchers of their IPA and their new small batch brew, called Redline, along with some yummy grub.

The tour consisted of being led through the tanks, and a description of the steps the beer goes through, all the way from the cryogenically-frozen strains of yeast to the bottling line.

After the tour, we were treated to some of their new fall beer, called Late Harvest, as well as their IPA and the Blonde. Sean has been dubbed "Tasty", and I have been named "Finished".

Last night was the last of the Beer University's for the year, but I'm sure they'll be back strong again next summer, so keep your eyes open for that.

Also, on September 9th, Redhook is having their 10th anniversary music festival, and some pretty good names were thrown around as the acts, so check into that as well.

***************** Updated by Sean ***************

I would also like to thank Stoney and Baker (Gosh.. Stoney never gets his name first) for hosting the event last night. It was hilarious to see them putting snowglobe in his place. Ya had to be there.. I was shocked that the place wasn't packed solid, but it was nice that it was low key.

We will be posting a copy of our diplomas in the gallery.

With every trip to Redhook, I greatly appreciate their focus on putting the customers first. They offer a great variety of tasty beers. I strongly recommend trying their cask conditioned beers.
If you have time, visit and take a tour.

Other attendees: Ryan (aka Thirsty Beard) "Awkward" Jansen and Seth "The Mule" Sands.


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