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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tap it in.... Tap it in

Last night was an impromptu evening that was kick started by Curley Stout (Andy) with an invitation to visit the Tap Brewery in Haverhill, Ma. It's quite a conundrum why I have never been to the tap before. It's only 1 block over from where my Improv group met for 3+ years.

In the past few months, we saw Leatherlips (one of the Tap's offerings) in our local liquor stores. We were quite surprised that they had taken the leap towards mass production and distribution into our local area. It must have been a tough decision to reach out to a larger market. Since we wanted to be true to our local brewery, we vowed to have Leatherlips on tap before we bought it in the bottle.

Anyways, after twisting Ian and Amber's arm, I convinced them to go the Tap for some beer and tasty food.

The tap has a great pub menu and a variety of beer offerings.... 8 in total. Unfortunately, they were out of the Nut Brown. The beers that we reviewed are the following:

American Pale Ale
Charlie's Porter
DP's Irish Red Ale
Leatherlips IPA
Whittier White

Check out our reviews for more information about the individual offerings.

For directions to the Tap Brewery, please visit http://www.tapbrewpub.com/

Also, we would like to officially announce the "DogFather" into the 2Beerguy family. Steve, the DogFather, has been a in the family for quite sometime, but yesterday we informed him of his new 2Beerguy Malt lover nickname.


  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 12:10:00 PM EST, Blogger Andy said…

    tap was a fun, nice place, cool people. a little disappointed in the beers though. they were mostly good, but the seemed a little timid, like the brewer didn't want to take too many risks with the flavor. should be interesting to see how they develop over the years.


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