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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What's Yellow & Fizzy and tastes like #$%@

Last Thursday (January 4th, 2007), we were overdue for a queue clearing and we needed fridge space for more beer. :)

Amber, Ian and I decided that now was the time...... We anticipated this evening would come, but we weren't too overly excited for it. We hoped to be surprised, but since we are hop heads, we didn't have high expectations. (Note: Amber is a Malt Lover.)

The beers that we choose for this review night were the following:

Carolina Blonde
Cottonwood American Wheat
Copperhead Ale
DeGroens Marzen
Fordham Lager
Curve Ball Kölsch
Stoudts Brewing Company's Pils

It was a low scoring evening (check out the beer table for comparison)... but the Fordham Brewing Co - Copperhead Ale and the Pyramid Breweries Inc - Curve Ball Kölsch, scored pretty well. The Copperhead and the Curve ball were true to their style and would be enjoyable on a hot summer afternoon.

In past tense, we refer to this evening as the "Yellow Fizzy Beer Night" because the selection contained mostly light lagers. If you are a light beer drinker, check out our reviews to see if these styles would wet your whistle.


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