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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March North Shore Brewer’s Club Meeting

On Thursday, March 22, 2007, Ian, Thirsty Beard (Ryan) and I attended our third North Shore brewers club meeting. This even was located at the Topsfield Fair grounds in the club house.

This meeting’s theme was a “Ham Fest”. To join in with the festivities, we brought two growlers of Redhook’s “Long HAMmer IPA”. The feast included yummy pulled pork sandwiches, home made mac and cheese, along with other assorted foods.

It was an interesting event to say the least. Paul wore everything pink. Pink shoes, pink lacy socks, a pink kilt, and so on. (Please ask Ian for further details). It was an eventful evening, in which Curley Stout (Andy) missed, where we discussed a brew camp the following Sunday, introductions, and where the next meeting will be held.

We tried a couple of the homebrews that members brought. Bill had a tasty stout and Jason brought a sour that he created from two separate homebrews.


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