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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Steve’s Farewell

On Friday, March 23, 2007, Ian, Thirsty Beard, Hops, Curley Stout, and I ventured over to the Haverhill tap to say farewell to Steve the brewer. Steve, formerly from Mercury Brewery in Ipswich, was an honorary member of the North Shore Brewers club (brewers have free membership for life), was leaving Haverhill to venture closer to home in Indiana.

Soon, he will be working for a brewery with 2 of the 3 highest rated beers in the country (so says rate beer/beer advocate). We have not been able to review these beers because they do not distribute to New England. Hopefully, with Steve’s help, they will be able to increase their distribution range and make it here.

Many of the North Shore Brewers Club members were in attendance. Also, we got a change to speak with a brewer at Redhook, Head Brewer at Milly’s Tavern (Mike Roy); and the future brewer of the Haverhill tap. We enjoyed their cask conditional double IPA that was available on tap. It was very tasty and a much hoppier and maltier version of the Leather Lips IPA.

We wish Steve the best of luck and if we are in his neck of the woods, maybe we’ll stop by.

Haverhill tap: http://www.tapbrewpub.com/