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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cambridge Brewing Company

We're coming to you live from the Cambridge Brewing Company, just minutes from Andy's office in chilly downtown Cambridge. With us are Curley Stout and Hops. We've reviewed every offering available and, after taking them all in, we have to say that this is a solid brewery. They offer the standard fare of ales, from their golden ale to a coffee-style porter, but through their seasonal beers, they really shine. From the Blunderbuss Barleywine to the Big Man Ale, the brewers flex their brewing muscle with a diverse offering of delicious concoctions.

The reviews for these beers will be available shortly. As a facility, it has a nice, relaxed atmosphere. Open space and high ceilings contribute to a spacious, airy feel, enabling us to relax and enjoy the beers. Eclectic decorations from the fuzzy Jerry Garcia pirate hanging over the bar to the hand-painted canvases on the wall provide a relaxed, fun feel. Brewing operations are well in sight, peeking out from behind the bar with their shiny fermenters.

Overall, an excellent environment to enjoy beer, and with the solid lineup, there is plenty to enjoy.

From here, we are off to John Harvards, just a short 2 miles from here.


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