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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A visit to Graceland

Graceland for beer drinkers that is.

This past Saturday, Brace and I ventured out to Gaithersburg, MD to visit the new Dogfish Head Alehouse. Upon arriving, we saw a shiny new brick building, branded with all types of DFH logos and signs. Walking in, I was surprised to see that it was more of a restaurant than an a bar. The bar itself probably seated 20-25, with an additional eight bar tables with stools.

The tap list was located in two different places, displaying such beauties as the 90 Minute IPA, Black & Blue, Alehouse 75 (a blend of 60 and 90 Minute), Aprihop, Indian Brown, and Shelter Pale Ale.

I started off with a pint of 60 Minute, and Brace dove right in with a sampler, which included 60 Min, 90 Min, Indian Brown, Shelter Pale, and Chicory Stout. After those, I got a pint of Aprihop, and Brace moved on to a Black & Blue. I followed that up with a bottle of Midas Touch, then a bottle of Red & White, and we both got samples of the Alehouse 75 and their Lawnmower Light, that weighs in at an anemic 3.5% abv. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty toasty when we left there a few hours after we got there. We also ordered an appetizer of rings, fries, and chips. Brace quickly worked on the rings, and I consumed the fries, and both were excellent. They had a good selection of pub food, and the upscale menu choices were pricey but appeared worth it.

The downside was that our bartender Dayna, while very efficient and friendly, was not even a fan of beer. I can't understand why Dogfish would allow someone to bartend at their Alehouse that doesn't like beer. However, if any brewery is going to win someone over as a beer fan, it will probably be them.

If you're in DC area and are in the mood for some DFH, it's definitely worth the trek. It was about a 30 minute drive, but from what I was told, that can easily turn into over an hour depending how you hit the traffic. Fortunately, they're constructing another Alehouse in Falls Church, VA, which will be much closer to DC and Alexandria.


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