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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


On Saturday March 24th, Scott, The Dog Father (Stevie D), Ian, and I ventured to Manchester to the Verizon Wireless center. This adventure included beer and hockey, what could go wrong?

Our first stop in the trip was Milly’s Tavern, which is promoted as New Hampshire’s only brewer.

Milly's Tavern first opened its doors in January of 2002 at the location of the former Stark Mill Brewery. Milly's opened through the hard work and love of the craft of Master Brewer Peter Telge, a New Hampshire native, who has been brewing his own beers for the better part of 20 years. With the closing of the Stark Mill Brewery and the many changes that have befell the city in the recent years, Peter felt that Manchester, as New Hampshire's Queen City, was sadly falling the way of commercial and contract beers. He, with a dedicated following of fans of his brew, set to work reopening the brewery as "Milly's Tavern," proudly operating as Manchester's only brew pub. We welcome you as our guests to stop by and try a glass of Peter's hard work.

We met Mike Roy (formerly from Incredibrew) the previous evening and he was checking his kettles and fermenting beer. The brewery has a large stage with an eating area and a long bar that goes around the brew kettles. It wasn’t too crowed for a Saturday lunch, so we sat at the bar to enjoy some beer and food/

Currently, there are 12 tasty offerings available, which include:

Fisher Cat Ale - 12 IBUs 3.8% ABV
Mt. Uncanoonuc Golden Cream Ale - 19 IBUs 4.3% ABV
Amoskeag Harvest Ale - 18 IBUs 4.8% ABV
Tasha's Red Tail Ale - 25 IBUs 4.8% ABV
General John Stark Dark Porter - 25 IBUs 5.4% ABV
Milly's Oatmeal Stout - 35 IBUs 4.9% ABV
Manch-Vegas I.P.A.- 50 IBUs 5.4% ABV
Bo's Scotch Ale - 25 IBUs 9.5% ABV

Seasonals & Specialties

Evil Eye (Belgian Saison) - 35 IBU's 5.0% ABV
Dubbel Secret Probation - 22 IBU’s 6.5% ABV
Imperial Death March Stout - 85 IBU’s 8.8% ABV
Nit Wit - 19 IBU’s 5.0 % ABV

Limited Bottles Now Available

Napoleon’s Coup - 5% ABA
Napoleon’s Waterloo-5% ABV


I believe that the Dog Father tried the Oatmeal Stout and the Dubble Secret Probation, Ian and I tried the Manch-Vegas IPA. Steve wasn’t too keen on the Dubble, so I finished it off for him. We also tried a sample of the Nit Whit – how appropriate.

We took Mike’s advice and left our car in the parking lot and walked to the Verizon Wireless Arena. It was a nice hefty walk, but it wasn’t too bad.

When the two games were over, six hours later, we noticed that it was raining very hefty outside. This is where the worst of times happened… the jaunt to the car. We must have looked like freaks hiding under every awning and building ledge that we could find. After deciding not to go into any restaurant along the way, we eventually made it bad to Milly’s Tavern.

Since we were already soaked, we decided to go into Milly’s tavern for dinner and to dry off. Ian tried the Harvest Ale; I tried the Scotch Ale, while the Dog Father stuck with the Oatmeal stout. After drying out and moistening our palate, we ventured on home.


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