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Friday, March 03, 2006


Harpoon Brewery officially releases a new beer and the 2BeerGuys were on the scene to review.

What's this new beer?

Harpoon Brewery says: "UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen is our own interpretation of the European practice of adding fruit flavors to wheat beers. "

Basically, it's a spin off from their already tasty and unique UFO line with a strong Raspberry aroma and a sweet taste. This beer will definitely be refreshing on a hot summer afternoon sitting around the pool.

For those north of Boston, there was a special gathering at Rockafellas in Salem, Mass. to debut the new beer. Prior to the event, there were rumors of a red carpet, glamour, possible star siting, rejoicing in the street, and a toast during the night.

We arrived on the scene to find empty parking spaces, barren streets and a very cold, New England night.

We were unable to locate the stars and the rejoicing in the streets, but it was a pleasurable evening.

Will this marketing spin off turn UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen into a mass market beer? Only time will tell. Buy a 6-pack and try it for yourself.

(For more information about the new beer, please read our review.)


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