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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beer Bid

So, monday evening one of the Beer Guys and I went to see the Celtics play at the Garden in Boston. Prior to the game, we met our friend Andy at Boston Beer Works, had a few beers and some dinner. Sean was excited to try a beer that Andy recommended to him. The Hercules Strong Ale is "the port wine of beers" we read. It is brewed with barley to make it very srtong. It is fruity, floral and bitter. It is meant to be sipped as an aperitif....evidently Andy thought it would be funny to leave this point out it also has 11.5 % alcohol.

Sean drank the 10 oz beer in about 20 min. he then decided to drink a "mistake pour" Bunker Hill Blueberry Beer. It was a typical blueberry beer...a light tasting ale with a handfull of Maine blueberries dropped in for added flavor. Next was his final beer. He chose the Ice Ale...yet another ass kicker of a beer about 8.5 %. It had a very distinct, strong flavor.

By the time we got to the Celtics game he was feeling pretty good. Not to mention I myself had had 2 Curley's Irish Stouts. They were, I do have to tell you extremely yummy. It is named after Boston's most memorable mayor. It was dry tasting, but very smooth Stout. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it to anyone who loves a good DARK beer.

So any way....we got to the game and came across an auction. It was lined with sports parafanalia to bid on with the proceeds going to the children's hospital. Well, we found a picture of St. Andrew's golf course and decided to place a $90 opening bid. We decided to go back at half time and see if we had won...we got there with a few seconds to spare and noticed the highest bid was $120. We looked at each other...asked should we do it? and quickly I placed our bid for $130...3 seconds later we had won the bid!!! I looked at Sean and said, "If we saw this picture in a store would we have bought it for $130? He said, "Probably not." We both agree....Beer is a great bidding tool! We will always think about some good Boston Beer Works Beer when we look at that picture. Out! BeerGirl


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