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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Message from Vanessa

I would like to start by saying thanks to all of the 2 beer guy fans out there.

Today, we received an exciting review from an independent reviewer: Vanessa (and her dad).

"Of note are a couple of beers my dad and I encountered this weekend: St. Peter’s Organic English Style Ale and Rouge’s Kells Irish Lager.

St. Peter’s Brewery company is based in South Elmham, England. The brewery started in 1996 and boasts an ideal set-up—they have excellent water quality from their own deep bore-hole and are able to use locally malted barley, along with Kentish hops to produce a range of classical (19th Century Style) English cask-conditioned ales. Their English Ale pours with a beautiful pillow of head which floats over an amber sea. The foam dissipates quickly (after a few sips) and leaves a nice lace as it goes down. I really like the aroma when the bottle is first opened--a fresh floral hop scent. If you get a chance to try it (my dad found them in a small local convenience store), do. In our opinion it’s a solid beer: robust yet creamy and well balanced in terms of hops/malt.

The Kells Irish Lager is from the Rouge Brewing Company. This is a European-style pilsner brewed with Great Western 2-row, French Carapilsner malt, Sterling hops, and Czech pilsner yeast. The Rogue brand, as even the name suggests, endeavors to do things differently, to change the status quo. As such, their beers have no preservatives, additives, nor chemicals; they also do not pasteurize their products. Kells pours a beautiful 14K gold color with a rich, robust frothy head. The nose is of clean natural malt, un-roasted and fresh. The mouth-feel is unbelievably soft and subtle, like liquid velvet (perhaps low mineral content in the water). The taste is ever-so-slightly bitter, very creamy and understated, with just enough residual sweet malt to finish. This is not a blow your doors off beer, rather it is a very easy-going and satisfying brew that can be drunk endlessly. "

Vanessa, we are a fan of Rouge Brewing Company, but have not tried the The Kells Irish Lager ....... yet ....

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Thank you for your review and for being a fan.


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