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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Harpoon St Pattys Festival

Ok, so this blog is way overdue, but the event is still as fresh in my mind as the beer was pouring from the taps that day.

Sean, Chris, Carolyn, and I headed down to the festival and got there right around 2 when it started. We ran into Niles, one of Harpoon's sales reps, who brought us in and introduced us to Liz, the Director of Communications for Harpoon. We spoke with her for a little bit, exchanged contact info, and discussed doing a 2 Beer Guys/Harpoon cross-promotional event. We're thinking in Newburyport, doing a hat and tshirt giveaway, and introducing people to some of the other Harpoon offerings they may not have had before.

On tap, Harpoon had their Ale, UFO, Hibernian Ale, Winter Warmer, IPA, and their newest baby, UFO Raspberry. I had an IPA, a Raspberry, and a Hibernian, and they were all fantastic. You can read our reviews of the beers on our site, 2 Beer Guys.


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